Water Harvest

Our last post on South Sudan is difficult to even put into words. Our focus with this entry is to show you all the workPEEP THE REST »

Unsung Heroes

2011 marked a magnificent yet daunting year for Sudan. The states making up the majority of the southern part of thePEEP THE REST »

South Sudan Part 1: Empower Sudan

WEEK ONE IN SOUTH SUDAN You may remember reading the hellacious ordeal that Cole and I underwent just to arrive in SouthPEEP THE REST »

3 Years: Erik & Katie

Katie and Erik are dear friends of ours and over the past year it has amazed us how close we’ve grown. From latePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Joseph + Ana Joel // Long Island Wedding

They met in Paris. She’s from Canada and him from Kentucky. He was serving a semester abroad for his Art HistoryPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Lindsay + Andy // Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Joy. No matter what time of day it is, no matter the circumstances, Lindsay and Andy exude joy. If you remember thePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jason + Christine // Magnolia Manor Wedding

Stories like Jason & Christine’s go to show that you never really know where your spouse is going to show upPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Cara + Luke // High Point Wedding

It started in D.C. Cara knew Luke’s sister through the church they attended in our Nation’s Capitol andPEEP THE REST »

Behind the Scenes in 2013

Way late on this one, I know. It’s been a crazy few months but I didn’t want to get too far into 2014PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Maggie + Donovan // Claxton Farm Wedding

Friends. Ash here. How do I even begin the story of Maggie and Donno? Well… I remember spending a summer withPEEP THE REST »

Lone Ranger Styled Shoot by Swanky Elephant Design

Wow, do I have a treat for you guys. Do you remember these two? Lauren & Justin from the eclectic Chapel HillPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Eli + Kelsey // Eno River Engagement

Every single time I hear about a couple being together since High School, I am overwhelmed with awe and respect. Eli andPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Alexa Terry Wilde // Reidsville, NC

Even in college, we knew that Alexa was operating in a totally different league. She would hand design sneakers, alwaysPEEP THE REST »

Eat the Beat: 116 Clique

A lot of you don’t know this, some of you do, but all my life I’ve been very impacted by the hip hop culturePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Danny + Macon // Durham Engagement Photos

Gentle, hilarious, fun, caring, and wildly in love…Daniel and Macon have been an absolute joy to get to know.PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Maggie+Phil // Wilmington Wedding Photographer

In a weird way, I love seeing when nerves get a hold of a bride and groom. Not nerves like, “Oh.M.G, they are soPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Andy + Lindsay // Raleigh Engagement Session

These two are awesome. Seriously. I got the chance to meet them only about a month ago, and they’re gettingPEEP THE REST »

Styled: Wool & Lights

Back in December, while our great friends Amy and Jared were planning their wedding, we realized that the sun would bePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Sarah+Brian // High Point Wedding

Contagiously joyful. Their kindness and courtesy is cancerous…in the very best way possible, I promise. These twoPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Kyle+Caitlyn // Raleigh Engagement

These two have quickly crept their way into my and Ashley’s hearts. It’s amazing to think that less than aPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Rachel & Connor’s East Coast ESession

I’ve had to hold onto this one for a while, and when you see it all together, you will understand why. Rachel andPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Alexa + Colt // Greensboro, NC

Just judging by Colt & Alexa’s ESession, or Alexa’s Bridal Portraits, I hope you all came to the samePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Justin + Lauren // Chapel Hill, NC

Cole here. I know, after reading Ashley’s exquisite writing style, I totally understand why you all might be aPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Stephen + Ester // Bergamo, Italy

This story takes place a long, long time ago in an enchanted place, where cobble stone mosaics come together to formPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Hayley + Derek // New York City Engagement

I don’t even know how to go about explaining how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know these two. Hayley andPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Justin + Lauren // Adaumont Farm Wedding

Hello friends! Ash here. Let me just tell you, this next wedding was amazing. Lauren and Justin were a DREAM to workPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Colt + Alexa // Greensboro, NC

Their story began much like Ashley’s and my own, which is why, I guess, we loved hearing their story so much. AsPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Matt + Bailey // Columbia, SC

There really aren’t words to describe the joy in our hearts when we get to meet couples like this. Matt and BaileyPEEP THE REST »

Anniversary Session: Jordan & Laura // Downtown Durham

We freaked out when Jordan wrote us a year later to shoot their one year anniversary. We have had the distinct pleasurePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Marielle + Robb // Carolina Inn Wedding

We love these two. Marielle was referred to us by dear friends over at Carolyn Scott Photography, and we were ecstaticPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Allyson + Scott // Umstead State Park Engagement

Friends are the best, aren’t they? The Bible says that there are those friends that stick closer than even familyPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Hudson & The Corbett Family

This was one of those requests that Ashley and I just didn’t see coming. We’ve never advertised ourselves asPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Taylor + Melissa // Crenshaw Hall Wedding

These two…wow. Words probably won’t ever express how much Taylor & Melissa mean to us. I wrote aboutPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jaime + Charles // Wedding at the Sutherland, Wake Forest

This was a dream wedding. Seriously! This wedding took a completely different twist from our engagement session on thePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Derek + Hayley // Club at Hillbrook Wedding

You might have heard me say this, but from our first phone conversation, I knew that we were going to get along withPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Megan & Joe // Lake Gaston Wedding

Third time’s a charm–yes, it’s me again, Ash! Megan and Joe. These two were just precious. It’sPEEP THE REST »

Jessica+Robert // Raleigh Engagement Session

These two. Geeze. We love them! Robert and Jessica showed up one fateful night at our small group. “Small group&#PEEP THE REST »

Kali+Esteban // Carrboro Engagement Photos

I don’t know what it was that won me over about these two…could have been their gentle spirits, their lovePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Amber + Brandon // Thomasville, NC

Who remembers the Americana-themed engagement shoot with the tent and the cute dog and the light-up star designed byPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Anna + Gabe // Backyard Greensboro Wedding

It was hysterical looking back on how many emails Anna, Ashley and I exchanged over the course of a year. Anna actuallyPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Anderson + Kerri // Raleigh, NC

It’s really tough to even begin describing anything in this post. You see, Anderson and Kerri mean quite a lot toPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Chris + Sara // Snipes Farm Wedding

Chris & Sara make our hearts go pitter-patter. Seriously, these two are really sweet together, and we absolutelyPEEP THE REST »

Year One

I frequently catch myself trying to compliment my wife by calling her “the woman of my dreams”, but IPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Becca + Steven // Greenville, NC

Becca and Steven have been a joy to be with and around ever since their You Pick Six in Beaufort, NC. They are a wildlyPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Maggie + Phil // Topsail Beach, NC

No one has the “one-size-fits-all” recipe for love, but everyone stumbles on their own unique mixture ofPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Brittany + Danny // Akron, OH

One of the biggest compliments as a photographer is to have someone so eager to have you present on their wedding dayPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Amber + Brandon // Greensboro, NC

Well hello there ladies and gents, Ash here! So excited to share this story with you! You know those people that datedPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Nick + Masha // Pittsburgh, PA

There isn’t quite a feeling similar than going back to the Burgh for a wedding, especially when it’s aPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Senior Alexa // Raleigh, NC

Isn’t it cool how God works things out? Some of you might know, but I underwent a pretty legit ankle surgery thisPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Seniors Derek & Josh // Pittsburgh, PA

This is definitely a new one for me, but man was I excited that I got to do it! Ashley and I have been praying for aPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Brandon + Lauren // High Point, NC

Do you all remember these two? Brandon and Lauren, floating off on a preptastic balloon ride during their ESession a fewPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Alex + Sam // Emerald Isle, NC

When I heard Alexandra’s voice on the phone, it was like Doc Brown threw me in a DeLorean back to 2005, my seniorPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Anna + Gabe // Greensboro, NC

And as photographers, we normally keep the philosophy that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission&#PEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Jenna Basso // Nashville, TN

First and foremost, before we get into this shoot, you must do something for yourselves…go to Facebook (if you&#PEEP THE REST »

GormtoberFest // Florida, New York City, & Beyond

Hey Friends! Ash here. Everyone says their wedding weekend is a blur, and although ours was as well, nothing compares toPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Randi + Keewaydin // Red Corral Ranch, TX

When Randi & Kewe wrote me for the first time, I had no clue what hit me. Not only did they sound awesome in everyPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Deanna + Fabian // Duck, NC

I’m sure many of you, if you’ve ever been in a wedding, attended a wedding, or met someone amidst planning aPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jason + Karen // Duke Gardens Wedding

Finally I had met a couple that possessed as much Yankee Sass as I did. When we sat down for the first time, we justPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Nick + Masha // Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve known Masha for years, literally longer than Nick and she have been together (over 7 years!) and ever sincePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Alan + Mary // Pittsburgh, PA

Beautiful, fun, heartwarming, hysterical, frickin’ cold…some of the few adjectives that come to mind when IPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Elaina + Jeremy // Wrightsville Beach, NC

It’s amazing that we had never had a beach ESession in our entire career until the last 3 shoots, and this was thePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Scott + Anna // Greenville, SC

Hey friends! Ash here :)  “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach (1812-PEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Steven + Becca // Beaufort, NC

What I’m starting to realize is that when you really click with one couple, you normally click with their wholePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Nichelle + Chris // Morehead City, NC

There are a lot of things that a man will do in order to secure a first date with someone he really fancies. Ask any guyPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Allicia + Chris // Raleigh, NC

Meeting Chris and Allicia really tested my masculinity…bear with me. You know when seeing such visible cutenessPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Heidi + Chris // Raleigh, NC

Heidi and Chris are incredibly dear friends of our’s. I went to school with Heidi at Elon, and she and met a fewPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Taylor + Melissa // Raleigh, NC

I’m warning you ahead of time, that this will be a feeble attempt at capturing a couple that means more to us thanPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Lauren + Will // Asheville, NC

A lot of people knew that this day was coming a long time before Lauren & Will did, but it didn’t take awayPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Joe + Erin // Raleigh, NC

You all remember Joe & Erin, right? The awesome redhead and bubbly blonde? Well, let me tell you how beautiful theirPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Lauren Christian Ellis // Chapel Hill, NC

Hey there–Ash here! Oh goodness. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I was able to be a part of thisPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Greear Family // Durham, NC

Ash here again! Wowzers. How in the world do you do a write up for a family like this?! Most people know JD Greear as aPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Kathryn + Mat // Lancaster, SC

Ashley has been kind enough to write a few of these for me, but given that she’s a die-hard GameCocks fan, IPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Jensen Family // Durham, NC

You know a family is chill when they’re willing to take their portraits outside in the middle of December! ThePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Austin + Jenny // Winston-Salem, NC

Love love love these guys! Austin and I went to Elon University together, and I could’ve sworn that there wasn&#PEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Thompson Family // Durham, NC

Ash here This family is one I literally believe I’m a part of—because they invited me to a be one of them! I knewPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Kristin + James // Hurdle Mills, NC

Rarely do plans ever go off without a “hitch”. Kristin and James had experienced this firsthand later lastPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Hilary + AJ // Pilot Mountain, NC

Love these two, and I’m sure if you saw their ESession, you know this by now! Cat-loving, video-game-playing,PEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Joe + Erin // Durham, NC

Hey blogfriends! It’s Ash here. We always say what a blast it is to shoot our friends, and this Esession only provesPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Clifton Family // Columbia, SC

‘Ello there friends! Ash here. I can’t tell you how sweet this little shoot was for me! I grew up in the small townPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Siu Family // Durham, NC

Hey friends! Ash here. Something about this photo shoot illicits a different feeling than most, probably because ofPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Charles + Jaime // New York City

Ash here again! Cole and I let you know that during the crazy season of Gormtoberfest, we had a fun slice of time in thePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Kristen + Paul // Castle Ladyhawke, NC

Do you remember Kristin and Paul’s story? Well it turned even more romantic on their incredible fantasy-typePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Rachel + Mark // Winston-Salem, NC

Such a cool couple and such a cool wedding day! Rachel & Mark gave me a little taste of the absolute fun it was toPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Brandon + Lauren // High Point, NC

Brandon & Lauren met at High Point University during their Freshman year and after a few foiled attempts to ask herPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Gina + Ian // Frederick, MD

Beautiful rolling hills, crisp mountain air, a wedding full of friends from my college days…sounds like the recipePEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Rachel Lewis Bowles // Winston-Salem, NC

This was my first shoot back after a 2 week honeymoon with my new bride and I have to tell you, it was like I hadPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Elena + Jerome // Charleston, SC

Remember Elena? Yeah, Elena, from two posts ago? The ballin’ bridal portraits in Durham? Well this, is her andPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Kyle + Gabri // Raleigh, NC

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” -Ralph Waldo EmersonPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Elena Benjamin // Durham, NC

It is a blast to photograph some of your dearest friends. I met Elena back in 2009, before I ever started in photographyPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Meghan + Greg // Mechanicsburg, PA

We love our job, duh. But we really love our job when it and the beautiful clients we serve take us to some of thePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Helen + Matt // Raleigh, NC

At almost every client meeting with my couples, I warn them that despite their best effort, there will be a wrenchPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Ashley + Nate // Greenville, NC

For some reason, college romances hold a special place in my heart. There are just so many external forces that canPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Mary + Alan // Durham, NC

I was truly excited when one of my dear friends from high school called up and asked if we would shoot their wedding. IPEEP THE REST »

Trash The Dress: Jen + Chris // Denver, CO

Some girls cringe at the idea of a Trash the Dress shoot, but not Jen, and props to her for that! Jen is a boss, let mePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Justin + Lauren // Durham, NC

Judging by Justin & Lauren’s Engagement Session, one might assume that their wedding day would be full of edgyPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Lauren + Matt // Greensboro, NC

You remember the infamous fair engagement shoot, right? Well, the wedding with these two was just as amazing! RegardlessPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Kyle + Gabri // Raleigh, NC

No pain, no gain, right? That’s how the saying goes? Please do not think that being a photographer is a fluffyPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Michael + Melissa // Raleigh, NC

Mama did always teach me to never judge a book by its cover, and no matter how many times I’ve heard that, I justPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Amanda + Ethan // Raleigh, NC

June 29th, a record-breaking 105 degrees in the Raleigh-Durham area, and two of the mightiest soldiers I’ve everPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Daniel + Melissa // Charleston, SC

Who doesn’t remember summer love? I know I do. More often than not, though, it ends up being just a “summerPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Helen + Matt // Raleigh, NC

I love seeing a man be creative in the way he pursues a woman, and that couldn’t be truer than with Matt. Matt andPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Claire + Kyle // Roanoke, VA

To those who haven’t had a chance to meet me, you probably won’t need much help figuring out that I’mPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Charlie & Abby // Chesapeake Bay, MD

You know that moment you meet another person, and you just….click? You get each other. Conversations flowPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Ashley Downs

There are people that we encounter in our lives that wow us, and make us believe that all of the evil in the world mightPEEP THE REST »

Cole Goes to Italy

Pictures a worth a thousand words, right? Well it’d take a billion pictures to fully describe how wonderful myPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Chris + Jen // Raleigh, NC

Hello Blest friends! Ashley here! I get the honor of writing today’s blogpost and I’m thrilled because I. Love.PEEP THE REST »

Blest Gets Blest-er

I know that I lack a lot of personal stuff on the blog, especially lately. I’ve barely had a moment to catch myPEEP THE REST »

You Pick Six: Anderson & Kerri // Raleigh, NC

This one is really near and dear to me…I’m not going to lie. For those of you who have been following me forPEEP THE REST »

You Pick Six: Charlie & Abby // Washington D.C.

I can’t even describe the day that Charlie and Abby and myself had. It was quite a few months in the making, andPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Anna + Preston // Edisto Island, SC

I know that a lot of the relationships that I’ve posted on here have been one-timers, meaning that they met once,PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Brittany+Dane (D.I.Y) // Columbia, SC

Love love love this next couple! I was honored enough to photograph Brittany & Dane’s Engagement Photos a fewPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Claire Pelligra // Elon, NC

Not too many people have heard of Elon University, and I don’t really blame them. Elon’s situated in thePEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Laura Bunce // Raleigh, NC

I can’t lie, there’s a serious amount of satisfaction when I step up to any kind of portrait shoot and myPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Melissa + Michael // Cary, NC

Couples never cease to amaze and surprise me. At one glance, you think you have them figured out, and then they go andPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Anna Simpson // Charlotte, NC

I have been so stoked by the brides that I’ve been blessed enough to work with. Let me tell you something, we donPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Incredibles // Raleigh, NC

Do you all remember that movie? I know it was only a few years ago, but please tell me you remember that family; onePEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Melissa Bernal Ekanem // Durham, NC

It is always deceptive, the art of photography, not in the sense that everything you see really didn’t or doesn&#PEEP THE REST »

You Pick Six: Rachel + Mark // Greensboro, NC

This is a first for many reasons, and not in terms of an Engagement Session, but an Engagement Session of a couple thatPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Courtnie & Danny // Durham, NC

It’s the best when couples bring their own flavor and flare to the photoshoot. Courtnie and Danny were definitelyPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Hilary & AJ // North Carolina Zoo

I love honesty. It’s deeply ingrained into the fabric of my being to love honesty. After spending a weekend withPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jessie + Brad // Chapel Hill, NC

This story takes place long, long ago…in a far off place where elves and thieves band together to take overPEEP THE REST »

He Popped the Question: Anderson + Kerri

I’ve been waiting eagerly for a while now to have the chance to photograph the exciting and emotional moment of anPEEP THE REST »


A few weeks ago I was granted a wonderful privilege to have a few days in the great city of Nashville. Traveling isPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jenna + Blake // Nashville, TN

It’s truly amazing how God brings people in and out of your life, but it’s even more amazing when He bringsPEEP THE REST »

FreeStyle Friday

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep…I am the good shepherd; I knowPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Liz Cecil Hoots // Chapel Hill, NC

“Everything happens for a reason” is such a widespread cliche that it pains me to even mention it in a postPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Greg + Meghan // Durham, NC

I’m going to brag a bit, can I brag? Because I have the coolest clients in the world and the best friends a guyPEEP THE REST »

2011 – A Year of Grace

No clue how to even begin to describe God’s Grace this year. My sister called it back at Christmas in 2010 whenPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Brittany + Dane // Raleigh, NC

The ways in which people end up finding their way to one another amazes me. It’s truly an act of Grace that somePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Michael + Jen // Wake Forest, NC

Real men are tough to come by, and I’m starting to understand why: because it’s difficult to be a real man!PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Phil + Liz // Raleigh, NC

Cool people excite me…I’m just going to throw that out there. People who take a totally different approachPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Hopper Family // Durham, NC

I don’t have any idea why I get so anxious when it comes to family shoots, because they never EVER turn out poorlyPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Jesse + Liz // Yadkenville, NC

As usual, I’m beyond excited to introduce this incredible couple to you all! Jesse and Liz have been friends of mine,PEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Kristen + Paul // Burlington, NC

Little did I know when I attended Elon, that so much vibrant romance was occurring all around me! I was too busy tryingPEEP THE REST »

FreeStyle Fridays!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forthPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Liz Glen // Raleigh, NC

I will never understand the stress of having to do a bridal shoot. I mean, you ladies are trusting the care of aPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Matt + Lauren // Raleigh, NC

I’m totally convinced that I’ve been given the coolest clients on the face of the planet. I’m seriousPEEP THE REST »

Free Stuff Friday!

“In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has notPEEP THE REST »

To A Love So True

Today marks 27 years for my parents. Since I was a young boy, my parents exhibited what it was like to love one anotherPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Amy + Jared // Raleigh, NC

I’ve been planning this shoot since early March of this year and I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally bePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jen + Michael // Chapel Hill, NC

I know, I know…you have to be sick of me saying it, but I’m blessed. SERIOUSLY blessed! So often I findPEEP THE REST »

Free Stuff Friday!

The last two weeks have packed a punch, let me tell you…I’ve learned a lot. A lot about myself, a lot aboutPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Jordan // Durham, NC

Most of you know that if there’s anything that rivals my love for photography and art, it’s music. Music hasPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Audra + Jason // Outer Banks, NC

Every couple has a story. There isn’t one out there that lacks little, finite details that piece together theirPEEP THE REST »

Free Stuff Fridays!

Ironic, right? That I post something about a cup the day after National Coffee Appreciation Day? I promise that I didn&#PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Matt + Hailey // Charlotte, NC

There is a long list of things that I enjoy in life, things like: new music, ice cream, dancing, the Steelers, sunshinePEEP THE REST »

Memphis Air Show

Do you all know what a “Man Card” is? A “Man Card” is the imaginary mode of identification everyPEEP THE REST »

Free Stuff Fridays!

“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD; my soul shall exult in my God, for he has clothed me with the garments ofPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Liz + Phil / Raleigh, NC

I almost tinkled in my pants when I heard the news. I know that’s not only graphic but also a little disturbing,PEEP THE REST »

Free Stuff Fridays!

WHO DOESN’T LIKE FREE STUFF!?!? I know this may not be for everyone, but I figured that on Fridays, in order toPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Caitlin + Dan // Saratoga Springs, NY

I honestly had no idea what to expect. You see, Caitlin is one of the easiest going people (and brides) I’ve everPEEP THE REST »

A gift I’ll never forget…

So many times in my life do I have to recount all that has occurred in order to bring me to where I am. Do you all knowPEEP THE REST »

Straight UP

It’s been a full year…a FULL year! I can hardly believe it. It was last August (2010) when the Lord laid on both ourPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: The Colabrese Family // Wrightsville Beach, NC

Every year I am treated to a weekend with one of the most influential families in my life, the Colabrese’s. ThePEEP THE REST »

Knock, Knock…

This past month has been a blessing of sorts as I have had a full month off from weddings. In the meantime, I’vePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Matt + Hailey // Charlotte, NC

The satisfaction of having a plan go accordingly is one of the best feelings in the world, but in my humble opinion,PEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Suzanne & Alyssa // Pittsburgh, PA

A few weeks ago I was blessed enough with the opportunity to spend my sister’s 21st birthday with her and myPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Christen + Jimmy // Charlotte, NC

So many times people will say, “everything happens for a reason,” and I believe them. I tend to say thatPEEP THE REST »

Happy Birthday Baby Sis!

Today is a special day. As many of you may know, I have a younger sister, Alyssa (if you didn’t know, check outPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: John + Karen / Greenville, SC

South Carolina is literally only a few minutes away, but rarely do I EVER venture past the state line to explore it.PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Jon + April / Raleigh, NC

Memorial day weekend was a whirlwind of fun and excitement, and it started off with Jon and April’s big day! As IPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: April Lenker // Durham, NC

When you put a beautiful bride in a field on a sunny day, you’re bound to get a good shoot. BUT, when you put aPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Jon + April // Durham, NC

There are all kinds of couples in the world, but ones that leave lasting impressions are couples like this one. Jon andPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Meghan + Adam // Pittsburgh, PA

Can NOT tell you how excited I am to finally be posting these! This was one of the most eventful days I’ve everPEEP THE REST »

In His Image: Maddie // Indian Trail, NC

My pastor growing up had a saying, that some of the most important things in life come from two things; the books youPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Jen + Michael // Chapel Hill, NC

March 19, 2011 It baffles me, day in and day out, how small the world really is. This next couple was a reminder of thatPEEP THE REST »

Concert Series: Marc Broussard

March 5, 2011 This past weekend was a blast! And a weekend that I much needed. I was incredibly blessed to have myPEEP THE REST »

Concert Series: Nathan Angelo

March 5, 2011 Throughout my years, I’ve realized just how major of a part music has played in helping definePEEP THE REST »

Concert Series: NeedtoBreathe

November 29, 2010 Alright you all, I’m making the public declaration of something that if you know me at all,PEEP THE REST »

Remembering Why

February 26, 2011 There’s always that one thing that lures us all to do what we do, right? There’s onePEEP THE REST »

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Oct 13, 2010 2 Hip Replacements later, my dear Grandmother, Katie Gorman, is nowhere near your typical “seasonedPEEP THE REST »

The Joyous Bundles at Oxford Manor

July 28, 2010 In a moment of brutal honesty and vulnerability, I must admit, that after I returned from Sudan in May, IPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Bryan + Lindsay // Greenville, SC

July 17, 2010 No matter what chain of words I threw together, I would never be able to express the diversity of emotionsPEEP THE REST »

Concert Series: Dave Barnes

May 4, 2010 Dave Barnes is one of the most pivotal artists in my iTunes library and even more so after my time in SudanPEEP THE REST »

50 Reasons Why You Know You Aren’t in Kansas Anymore

After spending 3 months in Sudan, so many cultural differences become rather apparent, and as many would assume, thePEEP THE REST »

St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage

April 15, 2010 When you first approach St. Bartholomew’s orphanage, you see a humble facility, with basic buildings onPEEP THE REST »

B&B’s Well

April 10, 2010 B&B’s Borehole-Soregoro This week was an exciting week. Both wells we drilled were two that I havePEEP THE REST »

In Him…

April 2, 2010     I’m currently sitting in the WHI compound, late in the evening on Good Friday, soaking inPEEP THE REST »

8 wells…3 weeks…1 incredible experience

March 27, 2010 8 wells, 12 men, 3 weeks, 1,230 photographs, 2 million laughs, 3 injuries, 14,000 doughnuts, 428 cups ofPEEP THE REST »

Kuku Superstitions

March 14, 2010 Living out in the field with the crew has been quite the experience, but as many can imagine, when youPEEP THE REST »

I’ve Been Adopted!

March 11, 2010 Guess what?! I’ve been adopted! Yup, that’s right. I have a Mama, 4 sisters and three brothers. TheyPEEP THE REST »

Cultural Difference #2: Insecticides

March 3, 2010 We all figured that this was coming sooner or later…the post in which I talk about the bugs. HoweverPEEP THE REST »

Godfrey Lilea: My Photo Padawan

March 3, 2010 So, with all of the downtime that the crew has had due to the compressor’s ailments, I have been blessedPEEP THE REST »

Update Long Overdue

March 13, 2010 Greetings from South Sudan, The rainy season is approaching soon! This comes as quite a comfort to thePEEP THE REST »

Cultural Difference #1: Dining Utensils

February 17, 2010 Eating in the field with the guys has been quite the adventure. So far, I haven’t had anyPEEP THE REST »

Malisiri Well

February 6, 2010 This week was a difficult week for the crew. We started referring to the whole week as Murphy’s WeekPEEP THE REST »

My First Well: Mangura

Ladies and gentlemen, I have incredible news! Today marks the completion of the 29th well drilled by Water Harvest.PEEP THE REST »

The Klepp Factor

Today was a different kind of adventure for a few people in the team. One of the Radler Foundation’s partners inPEEP THE REST »

Baylor Children

Hello everyone! I’m here in Kajo Keji, Sudan, and the journey was rather incredible. There were absolutely noPEEP THE REST »